Announcement: ZNN space news page overhaul sees amazing new content creators installed

Zetetic News Network, the first next generation alt-news network powered by the THETA decentralized streaming blockchain, is thrilled to announce a renovation of our “Space News” page. ZNN aims to be a preeminent curator of online content that embodies the zetetic principle of “proceeding by inquiry.” As such we are constantly seeking to find the best zetetic oriented content and finding a home for it on our main page If you navigate to the homesite you can find new video galleries which bring together some of the best content available detailing lost history, cartographic and historical censorship, and damning video exposure of the “space hoax.”

In addition to what we’ll call “zetetic content curation” via’ home page content directories, we try to recruit special guests for our original “ Cast” monthly show who similarly embrace this approach to understanding world events. We have already had great interactions with such heavyweights in this sphere (pun intended) as Nathan Oakley, Bix Weir, Adam Green, Jon the Morgile and other lesser known names throughout our existing 37 Cast episode library. We aim to partner and amplify these and other yet to be discovered content creators who, like ZNN, are suppressed shadow banned or outright censored for daring to question official narratives.

In the perhaps not too distant future we envision ourselves as a fruitful alternative infrastructure / directory of valuable information content in a time when said content will be much more difficult to find than it already is.

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