Zetetic News Cast Ep. 35 LIVE! “Diversity” Call in 1-855-877-5112 @ 8:30 PM EST

In today’s broadcast we will be covering a milieu of topics that are of great worldwide import. What is happening in America is infesting the rest of the world. If we don’t talk about it, and possible solutions that can be quickly adopted, there is not much hope except in perhaps small pockets of ‘underground resistance.’ Of course, this is…

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FED Scripted Housing/Energy/Fuel/Food Crisis Is Opening Salvo in the Second American Not-So-Civil War

As we approach the proverbial precipice across most of the world markets, the housing crash of 2008 is increasingly starting to resemble just a petite minor prelude, a mere warm-up amounting to a preliminary fine tuning exercise compared to the slow motion trainwreck/orchestrated crescendo breakdown of all the over-leveraged, funny money rigged markets, real estate included. In all likelihood, the…

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