Zetetic News Cast Episode 29: The origins of “The Matrix” with Sophia Stewart

In our final episode of 2021 we will be reflecting on 2021 and prognosticating on 2022 with a very special guest, Sophia Stewart, who claims to be the original author of the Matrix and Terminator franchises. If this is news to you, please #proceedbyinquiry to hear her perspective in this interview which is #authentic If you’re watching live – please…

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Morphological Tyranny: Dangers of the New Triple Entente Against Western Powers in the Present Time

The United States is increasingly becoming the primary target of the 21st century brand of International Communism which has morphed into a very perfidious brand of Bio-Leninist Totalitarian Technocracy. The same ilk of financial saboteurs and their accompanying color revolutions that have sunk copious nations into the hands of oligarchical collectivism via the IMF, WBO, BIIS, WHO and the broader…

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Co(n)vid-19(84) Tyranny Deepens Into a Mass Stockholm Syndrome of Monstrous Proportions

Ever since March 2020, when this long planned biosecurity state putsch was launched, ZNN has been on the bleeding edge of critical, multifaceted investigation into the biggest and most brazen pseudoscientific assault on human civilization at large that has, to date, ever been mobilized. Our episodes, articles and interviews have been pointed directly at this rapidly growing beast system that…

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