Zetetic.news Cast Episode 27 @ 9:15 EST TONIGHT – Zetetic News Cast 27: Technocracy Deep Dive with “Secret Space Program” Whistleblower Dutch

In Episode 27 DaveDave and Xavier Diamant will be joined in studio by a special guest “Dutch” who claims to have been directly involved with secret space program operations during his short service in the US Army back in 1980. In an earlier iteration of what later became ZNN, DaveDave conducted the initial 8 part interview with Dutch which has…

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Social Justice: Yet Another Jesuit Egregore

As we have detailed on ZNN before, the extent to which the Jesuit Order has promulgated the vast majority of “modern” misconceptions about the nature of the world is so vast that no investigation into the methodical suppression of truth and reality is complete without its mention. In my last article I examine the pseudoscientific musings of Athanasius Kircher regarding…

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Zetetic News Cast 26 – The Schadenfreude Predicament

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:31:47 — 145.4MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | RSSIn Episode 26 we discuss humanity’s current state of Shadenfreude predicament which sees reciprocal extremes – on the one hand there is a great awakening but at the same time our controllers seem to be getting some kind of sick pleasure from our and their own…

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