Emerging Iran War Theater: Why Now?

In the wake of Trump’s recent drone strike that killed top Iranian military general Qasem Solameini–officially sparking the most dangerous regional war since Vietnam, which could easily escalate even further into a full-on transnational world war–the horrendous, blatantly unconstitutional and entirely immoral precedent that was viciously yet quietly rolled out during the Obama administration continued without hesitation. Congressional permission/approval to…

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ZNN’s Top 20 Mega Singularities of 2020

2020 is a fixture in sci-fi literature predicting big momentous breakthroughs in technological and social development. As we transitioned from 2019 to 2020, it has become clear that this is actually happening. This episode is somewhat of a 2019 year in review combined with what ZNN sees as the most important 20 singularities that are converging this year. 1/18/2020 Update…

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