Episode 3: Finders, Epstein, Space Hoax, Economic Meltdown, Gun Grabbing, Baghdadi’s Dead Again, Oh My!

In this third episode, DaveDave and Xavier Diamant welcome fellow investigator and researcher Orthogonal Reptilian as they convene a meeting of the minds surrounding topics that encompass a broad but important range.

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Epstein Saga Continues: The “Finders” Case Declassified, Exposes Massive Coverup by Intelligence Bureaus, Police and Federal Government

In late October, the classified information pertaining to the swiftly buried, hush-hush case of the “Finder’s” cult/commune and their “alternative lifestyle” involving young children was declassified. As one can imagine, quite the pandora’s box full of disclosures were revealed even though there are still pages and pages of redacted specifics that still fall under the protections of “national security”…Hmmm, I…

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